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Mountain Child Prayer Group - (1:28)
This is a video that I made for The Nations church which was starting a prayer group to support Mountain Child.

Sir Francis Drake - (5:06) A pleasant mix of music video and visual chaos about a man on a journey toward something.

Horchata Brewing Party - (5:00) The Horchata Brewsters brew their first batch of delicious Mexican horchata in Suwon, South Korea.
Fusion BBQ & Concert - (3:53) A Fusion event with good music and good food.

TAG - (5:09) Two guys-- the Red Guy and the Blue Guy-- battle it out in an epic game of theoretical tag.
Burger Day - (1:26) An interview with the managers of a restaurant called Steak Express in Abilene on their annual "Burger Day".

The Nations Church website introduction video - (1:20) An introduction to the church for guests on The Nation's website.

By My Thundering Hordes - (4:05) One of our ACU Film Fest entries experimenting with creepy sound effects and visuals.

Mountain Child at Pentaport Rock Festival - (1:53) Mountain Child charity organisation raising awareness at a rock festival in South Korea.

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